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Hill, your posts above are absolutely loaded with disrespectful judgments. At the core, it is obvious that you believe that she is wrong to feel the way she feels.

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My question is, what do I do from here? How long do I let things blow over and calm down? I'll go read some more in a bit here, gonna work out of the house today so maybe we'll have some time to chat. Stay tuned.

What do you do? You:

* meet emotional needs
* avoid love busters

What are you planning to do nice for her to meet her emotional needs, today?

If she wants to talk about it, let her talk, and listen, and use the information she provides you to modify your behavior. If she does not want to talk about it, don't talk about it.

I have suggested numerous times that you thank your wife for putting up with you, Hill. Here you are going out committing DJs again. That's a lot for your wife to have to deal with. You should probably express your admiration and appreciation to her for putting up with that.

She can be tired, in fact I bought her sleepy tea because she was tired. I respect her right to be tired and to feel any way she wants. I press discussing things because if I don't initiate they just won't be discussed at all. I pressed her on MB and despite push back and conflict she is here. Pushing is wrong and its also right depending on circumstances and I have a hard time figuring out when and where I guess. Avoiding things just to keep it pleasant causes resentment and I know this. One more thing, when I mention things here to you all letting you know how I feel, it doesn't mean I said that exact thing to my wife. I'll try and do a better job of pointing out my feelings versus my actual comments to my wife.

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