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Pushing is wrong and its also right depending on circumstances and I have a hard time figuring out when and where I guess.
Pushing NEVER make Love Bank deposits. It ALWAYS withdraws them.
Even in a GREAT marriage, complaints (which are a good thing) make withdrawals.
Your marriage cannot handle complaints right now. You are both too deep in the red.
Start filling that woman's Love Bank and QUIT THE COMPLAINTS for now. STOP PUSHING. Fill the Love Bank. That is your goal right now. Fill the Love Bank.

She can't concentrate on filling yours right now because she is too busy having to protect herself from you.

One more thing, when I mention things here to you all letting you know how I feel, it doesn't mean I said that exact thing to my wife. I'll try and do a better job of pointing out my feelings versus my actual comments to my wife.

You may not say the DJs. But it still affects the way you treat your wife. The things you think turn into action. Stop dwelling on those negative thoughts. They are not productive. FILL HER LOVE BANK.

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