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Geez I need to figure out how to communicate with you all more effectively.

Hilltopper, I have been right where you are. I can promise you that you don't need to invest any effort in communicating more effectively with us.

A very, very kind soul here took me aside, REPEATEDLY, and patiently explained to me, over and over again, that I was the source of many of the difficulties in my marriage.

It took awhile for the message to take. In the meantime, devastation occurred.

I think you need to invest more effort in listening and in trying to see how we are right, rather than more effort in trying to communicate to us to prove yourself right.

I've been right. I am extremely dangerous when I am right. I am also very unhappy when I am right.

I have discovered that I would rather be wrong and happy.

Please go back and read the completely practical suggestions you have been given, especially the one from MelodyLane which you did not even acknowledge in your reply to her.

The solution is here, and it does not involve you explaining your conflict with your wife to us in minute detail. Stop giving us more information. We have enough. We know what you need to do differently. Are you ready?

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