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Penni, your H reminds me a lot of mine. Thing is, we've done 6mos of coaching with Steve Harley, and my H still thinks of appeasement than any action of love. I think he's hopeless. I've remained hopeful for far too long. He does not love me, he wants me to leave him alone.

I agree, there is definitely similarity in our H's. I haven't read your whole thread but from what I have read, I can relate. It's hard to persist when you feel like the other person doesn't care. And, it makes you wonder if they would care if you left. They probably would, but they don't realize that right now.

My H's top needs are SF and RC. He gets all of the SF he desires from me and he makes it a point to spend his most enjoyable RC time with his friends. Sometimes I wonder if I should just cut him off from SF, if that would wake him up. I doubt it, it would probably just lead to an affair.

Anyway, I can relate to your frustration - if you find a solution, let me know!