Does your husband have a high need for RC?

I think every husband and wife should get some time alone with the kiddos. I remember my wife thinking how awesome it'd be that I got to spend the summer with 'em and show me how hard it can be (which is weird because I had previous children and took care of them and I have a patience level near that of Job). She never quite got the "see how I feel!" (she's never been a fulltime SAHM save for that six weeks off for maternity leave). However after a couple weeks and realizing that I was singing Noggin TV station songs, not changing my clothes, or really doing anything adult related she told me to go get cleaned up and go find an adult friend to go have a beer with.

I remember the conversation when she came home one day. Teh house had been immaculate and the kids well-cared for. Well one day she came home and the house was a wreck and I was in 3 day old clothes of not changing.
Her: "Hi Honey. Ummm..when's the last time you had a shower?"
Me: "Ummmm...what day is it?"
Her: "Thursday. And based on that, you need to go take a shower, shave, and go out and have a beer and get some adult conversation."
Me: "Why?"
Her: "Because you've been around kids too long and need to get away from the house."

I learned I don't do well without a schedule and don't keep myself busy.

I don't think you can ever put into an appropriate conversation dissin' on your spouse...ever. It's just something you shouldn't do. It's bad form and disrespectful. is Dude doing?

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Husband (me) 39
Wife 36
Daughter 21
Daughter 19
Son 14
Daughter 10
Son 8 (autistic)