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I think i have said this before but I don't think he is a sociopath but has Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.

Persons with OCPD are typically deeply entrenched in their dysfunctional beliefs and genuinely see their way of functioning as the "correct" way. Their overall style of relating to the world around them is processed through their own strict standards. While generally their daily experience is such that "all is not well," they tend to be deeply committed to their own beliefs and patterns. The depth of ones belief that "my way is the correct way" makes them resistant to accepting the premise that it is in their best interest to let go of "truth owning." Yet letting go of truth is paramount in their recovery. For the purposes of this article "truth" is defined as a person's rigidly held belief which s/he feels is universally applicable.

So no, empathy would not be a strong suit! They have determined the "correct" way to think about something, so why would anyone else think another way?

That could easily describe me. I do believe in a truth that says if someone tells you that you hurt them, you should believe them, and unless you're a total turd, you should care about that. smile

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