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I understand how it feels to be betrayed by your spouse.
How do you understand, by experience? If so, then you are in lock step with your husband's point, that it takes experiencing it to really know what it feels like.

If not, then can you accept that you may understand, or may THINK you understand, but he doesn't, nor does he think he can understand unless he experiences something?
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I was asking for him to stop LBing me in a particular way. He explained to me why he would NOT, and it is from a lack of empathy on his part. He doesn't feel he should because he doesn't feel as I do, and can't. And if he can't feel like me, he doesn't think he should care enough to stop.
But I'm not talking about his unwillingness to stop love-busting you. I'm talking about your unwillingness to accept his statement as truth regarding what he feels and thinks? After all, you called him a sociopath. Now perhaps I'm wrong. However, labeling your husband as a sociopath doesn't strike me as accepting him for who he is.

You want him to accept you, but here is an example where you are not willing to do the same.

What message does that send your husband?
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FYI, he just canceled our anniversary weekend, citing a conflict with work. Nevermind that he told me he had secured the weekend off months ago (February), and now is saying that he never did and can't get the weekend off. He suggested that we simply go out that evening instead, I convinced him to just take another weekend instead. But I'm still upset, because I was looking forward, AGAIN, to something that I was promised and is not going to happen, because he LIED about securing the time. He already told me about the hotel and where we'd eat dinner and how much he wanted to do this for me because I'm so special...NONE OF IT HAPPENED. He didn't have a hotel, he didn't have dinner reservations, he didn't even have the weekend off. It was all wishful thinking, spoken of as a done-deal.

Sorry about the labels. But damn, quacks like a duck...

Then divorce him if you can't accept him. Good grief, you have every right to, so why are you hanging on to him?