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FYI, he just canceled our anniversary weekend, citing a conflict with work. Nevermind that he told me he had secured the weekend off months ago (February), and now is saying that he never did and can't get the weekend off. He suggested that we simply go out that evening instead, I convinced him to just take another weekend instead. But I'm still upset, because I was looking forward, AGAIN, to something that I was promised and is not going to happen, because he LIED about securing the time. He already told me about the hotel and where we'd eat dinner and how much he wanted to do this for me because I'm so special...NONE OF IT HAPPENED. He didn't have a hotel, he didn't have dinner reservations, he didn't even have the weekend off. It was all wishful thinking, spoken of as a done-deal.

Sorry about the labels. But damn, quacks like a duck...

Go over your past week; would you be looking forward to spending time together if you were him?

I can hardly imagine the facial expressions, body language, or tone of voice you have had with him when you are struggling to even like the guy right now.

SWAG is that he did have it secured, lied about not doing it because he just got beat up and doesn't want to spend the time, or is cancelling as a way of "punishing" you.

Is he being a turd? H-E-double-hockey-sticks yes.

Are you being a turd?

I would feel like the biggest piece of you-know-what if something I said to someone else made my H weep. Good thing, he has no feelings. lol.

His history? I believed he lied from the start. He said he did. He won't admit to lying, but he admitted that he told me it was a done deal because he didn't think there would be a problem with it. The man is a liar. But doesn't see saying, "I talked to boss, got that weekend off, made plans for us!" as a lie when it should actually be stated as "I picked a weekend, will ask later, and here's what I'd like to do!" To him, there is NO difference in those statements.

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