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CWMI....your lack of empathy is what upset me so much on my thread.

And you come across this computer screen as very unyielding.

No one wants to be divorced at age 40, however, I was surprised at the relief I felt to have my now XH out of my life. Not just because of his adultery... day to day life with him was very difficult.

I am amazed daily at how wonderful and easy life with my dh is. Even with the issues of a blended family we get along so well. My dh's mother told him a few years ago, regarding his now XW...'Mr. SW, she just does not bring out the best in you.' That phrase has stuck with me because I can see how it applied to me and my XH too.

I would not have divorced him though. I also would not encourage anyone to get divorced over issues like that. I did however, give up on the marriage being a great marriage. That is probably not very MBish...but it worked for me. I found a measure of peace and I enjoyed the other parts of my life A LOT.

Maybe I wasn't clear? Don't post to me. Leave me alone.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)