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Wife fell asleep tonight early like I fell asleep last night so UA a problem.

Both of you lost a lot of sleep this week, so that likely to happen. smile Put 8 hours of sleep on your schedule for both of you every night. It won't happen if you don't plan it.

Likewise, schedule your UA time. Plan specific activities that you are both EXCITED about.

And look for babysitters. smile

I've seen a consistent theme in much of the advice here which is "planning." I'd say up to this point I for one have not been diligent in planning UA time. I've tried a few times specifically about working out together as well as a sheet that shows date spots and acceptable babysitters nearby. I feel a bit brushed off about it so to be honest I got discouraged and stopped asking. Yesterday I sent my wife a text that said, "scrabble and wine tonight?" She said, "sure." It just didn't materialize because she was tired, understandably so. I didn't pout or read into it, I simply grabbed a pillow for her, put her head on it and rubbed her back. It felt good to do so.

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