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Did you guys every look into the YMCA or a gym where you could get babysitting?

Gyms can be great IF you are giving each other your undivided attention while you exercise. (Not so great if you are on opposite sides of the room doing different things!) When you exercise you are releasing all kinds of chemicals that make you feel good, so if you are feeling like this with your spouse, you guys are making Love Bank deposits in your accounts. smile Also, at the same time, typically this helps one or both spouses along the way to meeting the need for an Attractive Spouse better. smile So, you get RC, Conversation, AS all at once. You can also meet Admiration.

Believe me this was my latest and greatest idea that I got excited about. She kind of expressed that this would be uncomfortable to her and I get that, particularly because of me being the lecturing type. I'd love for her to give me and this form of UA a chance. It accomplishes so many thing as you mentioned.

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