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Great! I think you'll like it!

I listened to the radio show, Dr Harley and his wife are amazing people and very down to earth. I like the format of the radio show because not only are the callers experiencing some form of marital strife or conflict in the present, but the Harley's provide immediate feedback. The show yesterday from Nicole was a great learning experience. I learned that men think differently than women and want a true partnership in marriage. Last night my wife went to give the kids a bath so instead of staying downstairs after completing the dishes, I went straight upstairs to be her partner in crime and take care of the beasts. I also helped fold and put away some of the laundry and all in all it was quite enjoyable. My wife and I tend to do a lot of, "if you do this, then I'll do the other" type stuff. I'm not certain, but I can see where this may not be beneficial to our marriage. I told her that I thought it would be great if we tackle our daily responsibilities together sometimes to not only converse, but also because it takes pressure off the other person to complete the task.

This weekend is the race up the coast. We are excited about it, big time. We made a list of things to pack, I'm heading out to get what we need, prepare the car, etc. I want her to be relaxed when we leave, not overwhelmed, so my decisions I make over the next few hours will definitely keep that in mind.

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