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I listened to the radio show, Dr Harley and his wife are amazing people and very down to earth.

They really are! I learn a lot just from listening to the way they talk to each other on the air. Notice how even though Dr. Harley has all the degrees and the decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, he is always completely respectful of Joyce?

Incidentally, Dr. Harley and Joyce say they experience conflict in their marriage at a rate of about one conflict per hour. It's just that they always resolve it in a way both are enthusiastic about without any demands, disrespect, or anger! Isn't that incredible? I figure that means they are doing it live on the show at least once per show. smile

I was alerted yesterday to the fact that you can now listen free online to the entire radio archive since 2006:


The little "listen" links that they have on there are new. It used to be download only, for a fee.

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