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EE, if what a person wants is independence and to not have to consider anyone else, there is NOTHING in MB to offer them that.


Then again, why are you staying with him if you know that's what he wants and you are unwilling to give it to him?

If you've judged things to be impossible, then why do you remain? Sure it's tough to be a single mom. But it doesn't seem easy to be his wife either. So what is it that prevents you from taking this step?

On the other hand, is it really independence he wants, or not to be bothered by you? After all, if he wanted you to get married, what's changed? If he wanted to get married, I doubt he was all about independence then.

So is his apparent changed position due to what he's experienced in his marriage with you? If so, what do you need to change such that marriage with you is more appealing than independence?