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markos, are you going to offer the DJ help or not? Cause I want to read it, if you are so inclined.

First of all, do you realize that you are DJ'ing your husband all over this thread?

Did you know Dr. Harley says the most important thing for a wife to do with an OCD man is not to judge him?

No, was not aware of that second point. Radio show?

Yes, I'm looking for segments for you.

First point? I thought I was doing pretty well at reporting actual statements made by him, and actual actions--for the most part. I'm sure my opinion slips in there. Straitening him out? I would LOVE to,

The following are disrespectful judgments you have recently posted:

"He will attention-seek no matter what he is doing"
"he won't care, no matter what"
"you can't treat [him]"
"you are assuming that I'm talking about a mentally healthy person. I am not"
"If we lived apart, he wouldn't hear about anything to relay to others, he would have to actually participate"
"I honestly and truly don't think he has the capacity to consider someone besides himself"
"He said no, like a true narcissist who doesn't care about other people, lol"
"Hy H has chosen to see the program as a manipulation tool "
"I'm done putting lipstick on a pig"

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