you might think you're doing great things for her - but to me.. It really seems like you're tallying a giant bill all the time. Like... I do this thing (that I think is great) for you .. Now you owe me.. When are you going to pay? How would you like it it you went into a store and they said.. - we smiled at you when you came in .. That's a buck. We followed you around so we could help you if you needed it.. - that's 10 bucks. we carried the clothes you wanted to try on to the dressing room -that's 10 bucks.. And so on. I'd first be saying - get the heck away from me.. I didn't ask for that that stuff and it isn't worth the price. And eventually I'd be pissed off and avoid the place altogether.

Your descriptions of yourself remind me of that. Nothing good ever comes without expectations - which would sure drain my love bucket.