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Not wanting to say "yes" to every request of my wife I think is more about wanting to settle the score.

Cut it out. Keeping score will get you no where you want to go.

You cut it out! twoxfour Just kidding
I did. Ask Markos how happy he is now smile

I think I tried to justify my desire to want to say no. I DID cut it out after I realized there is no justification in doing so and will never do it again unless the request is a SD.

You can and should say no, btw, even if she makes a request instead of a demand, but you are not enthusiastic about the request. Don't let your Giver take over and drain your own love bank by letting her gain at your expense. The goal is to find a solution that makes BOTH of you happy.

Your Giver will destroy your marriage just as much as your Taker will.

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