You are losing your wife. She is becoming increasingly discouraged by your continued DJs.

STOP assuming she's not doing her part.
STOP name calling (just eliminate the word "[censored]" from your vocabulary, okay?)

Your wife is trying, and you are losing her. STOP THE ABUSE.

You are going to have to work overtime to fill her Love Bank after you drained it dry this weekend. What are you going to do for her?

Are you committed to completely eliminating the abusive Love Busters? Are you committed to protecting your wife from yourself?

What, in detail, is your plan? How are you going to protect your wife?

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Put the problem of your own love busters on the front burner and solve it, fast! Put the problem of her meeting or not meeting your emotional needs on the back burner until this problem is dealt with.
What he said. Just do it.

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