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Despite your grand realization, you still have a problem. The cheery attitude you are projecting indicates that you are not taking this problem seriously. It looks for all the world like you want us to quit talking about that problem ASAP.

You keep asking the question and I continue to answer which is all I can do on my end

Wrong, my friend. If you think all you can do is TALK, you are missing the real work which is to be done.

Yes I still do have a problem. How does my cheery attitude indicate me not being serious? I can understand you looking at past performance and judging me based on this which is fine. I'm ok talking about this all day with you Markos, but I'm not doing a good job of giving you the answer that satisfies you, thus our back and forth. I'm excited and I'm taking this extremely serious, that is how I feel, and it would be great if maybe you could encourage me maybe so we can utilize it?

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