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Because your wife is injured every time you engage in demands, disrespect, and anger. When you have a victim, a cheery attitude is not appropriate.

I didn't know that Markos. I read LoveBusters and I don't recall that part. Did Dr Harley specifically address making sure you don't give yourself a pep talk to make sure you avoid DJ's and AO's? You are throwing so much at me and I'm not sure why you are doing it. I like to be cheery, my wife likes me to be cheery, and I think it best to remain positive, cheery, and focused to protect my wife.

You are looking at it wrong.

You see what Markos said?

"Your wife is injured... your cheery attitude is not appropriate."

You took a knife, placed it in her gut, twisted... and now you want to smile?

Are you a serial killer?

Cheerful is not the appropriate response when we injure our spouse, concern and care is. Yes, we should be pleasant, but I too would be worried if my wife were cheerful after injuring me.

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