Hi Hill,

I rarely have time in the evening to spend online, but I wanted to drop in and apologize for being harder on you initially than I should've been. I only recently started commenting on your thread but I've been reading both yours and Grace's since the beginning and I find it difficult to not feel passionate about your situation when I see so many similarities to my own.

I empathize so much with your wife because I have been in her shoes. Scared, withdrawn, lacking confidence and self-esteem. And of course, I was responsible for some of the damage to my marriage and am in no way a guiltless party. In a way, I want to cram everything I've learned over the last year into the last month of your own journey so you can avoid my mistakes and reach your goals faster, but this is unrealistic and unfair to you. You have your own journey to map out.

The best advice I could give anyone is to listen and take to heart the words and wisdom of the vets here. I have always been amazed at their ability to see situations for what they are and offer guidance that is dead on. I can't tell you how many times people have said in hind sight "I wish I had listened to and followed the advice I was given. How do I repair the damage I've done now?"

Don't let that be you.

You guys have a REAL chance at success, but you have to follow every part of the program.

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MB has changed me and changed my life. I am becoming a better person for it, and building a better marriage. MB principles can truly help you create the love and the life you want.