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I never said that SH said any such thing.

Daisy posted what she was saying about me in another thread, I read it as saying that I needed to drop the djs even if they are 'justified', and I was responding to her.

It was wonderful to me for SH to suggest OCD. I had driven myself crazy trying to meet the housekeeping needs of a person who would never be satisfied because he has to do it himself as a soothing mechanism. It was a relief, HHH. Now H can go off and instead of feeling inferior and trying harder to p,ease him, I can refocus on telling him not to speak to me that way. So far, he's done nothing about dealing with OCD, which is actually fine with me so long as he doesn't blame the rest of us. Life is messy, clean it up. Lol.

I don't see why you needed to make the ten foot pole comment. If you feel you must stay away from me, please try harder! Lol.

Sometimes I fail to be as honest and direct as I should be in observations. So, balancing hrdwr observations with the risk of being shut out completely requires that long pole.

Should I mention this? Is it worth the probable cost?

So, no. I don't want to run, I just want to preserve the opportunity to offer help. Battling the "people pleaser" in me.

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