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I felt shut out of her life completely and I didn't know why. It is funny you mention being scared, withdrawn, lacking confidence and self-esteem, because the person you are describing is me. I have so little confidence and self-esteem that I developed the habit of not asking my wife for anything at all.

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I still however feel scared, lacking confidence, and have low self-esteem...

It's always interesting to me when I realize my hubby and I are feeling the same way but can't seem to get on the same page.

You guys are in this spot right now. I think knowing how you feel, and knowing Grace feels the same way, should help you empathize with her. Treat her the way you want to be treated. Anytime you feel an LB coming on, conciously tell yourself to follow the Golden Rule. Pretend your talking to yourself when you talk to Grace and you may find it easier to avoid LB's.


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MB has changed me and changed my life. I am becoming a better person for it, and building a better marriage. MB principles can truly help you create the love and the life you want.