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it was actually abetterme that decided I never tell my wife where I am

Hilltopper, I NEVER said you NEVER tell your wife where you are. I asked if were normal for you to not keep her up to date on your whereabouts. This WASN'T an accusation, this was a QUESTION. That's why it ended with a ? and not a !

This is the quote that gave me the impression you left without saying anything:

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I usually do this time but she was blow drying her hair so I figured no big deal.... She also said she had planned on giving me a hug but I left before she got the chance.

If if this was all my husband said to me when he left for the day,

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"I have to get gas, here is the baby, have to leave now."

I'd get the impression he was irritated with me because it came across as very cold.

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