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Dr. Harley has some good material on meeting the need for domestic support. When he started doing marriage counseling decades ago many men expressed an emotional need for domestic support. Nowadays many women are expressing that need! Besides career women, stay at home mothers of small children often feel this need.

There's some material for that in HNHN, HNHN for Parents, and in the Q&A section on this website, and probably some forms in the workbook. Prisca and I started that awhile back and will probably get back to it some time in the next few months; I am looking forward to that.

This works well in our house. I'm hands on cook, do dishes, bath kids, make lunches, etc a lot. She has expressed a need for me to handle more of the outside chores. Admittedly I'm not the handiest guy in the world, but from a conversation we had recently I gather that if I can't repair it, then she wants me to be the one to make the effort to hire someone to do it.

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