Hill, seriously, get ahold of yourself emotionally. You CAN control your emotions if you really want to. You're not a child or a hormonal teenager.

You're still playing tit-for-tat...the "I've done this and this and this for you and you're not doing anything for me." Not that you should go without your needs met but when you start tracking the things you're doing and she's not, then you're keeping score.

Handle yourself. Even if she cursed you out one side and down the next, a simple "I don't appreciate it when you verbally disrespect me" will suffice and leave it at that rather than returning in retaliation. And I'm not saying she does that but stop responding.

Husband (me) 39
Wife 36
Daughter 21
Daughter 19
Son 14
Daughter 10
Son 8 (autistic)