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Hilltopper ...
I like you ... you seem like a guy who desires nothing but the best for his family ...

but ...


You are not currently following the program. This program will not work unless you follow it.

You've got a wife who is on board and willing to give it a try ... for the moment. The only person who can't seem to see that is you.

You are going to find yourself in this same hellhole (or worse) a year from now unless you get yourself under control. The abuse and pity parties have GOT TO STOP.

When you were going through this did the phrase KNOCK IT OFF really get you motivated? Markos uses much of the same terminology so that must have been something that really worked well for both of you. It would be amazing if we could minimize the fire and brimstone approach and focus on the positives of doing the right things if thats ok. My wife and I are gonna focus on spending time together ok? She's on board, I'm on board. If you prefer to get frustrated with me and tell me to KNOCK IT OFF then that is your prerogative but I'm inclined to run the other direction. Don't take offense to this request. I'm not suggesting you don't have experience in telling me what needs to be done, I'm just saying I for one don't respond positively to this approach. smile

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