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Hill i listenend to your radio show .. I think you got some great advice from them. I also did hear that they are sending you the two books HNH and HNHN for parents. The one for parents was very helpful. Both are actually .. but since your a parent you will find the one for parents most benificial of the two... but read them both! Dont forget to watch those videos! they are informative .. and humerous at the same time, as well as making great points.


Thanks man, yes I'm pumped about both actually! What a treat! I watched one video, it was about two minutes. It talked about right brain/left brain type stuff. I actually recall watching something like this with an ex-girlfriend and loved it. I think sometimes I don't understand what my wife is telling me because she's already moved on to the next subject mid-sentence! Men are good at focusing on one thing at a time. We can do great things by using this skill. Women have superior brains in the sense that they can multi-task and handle multiple subjects. I think the times that I forget things my wife is telling me is when I'm focusing on something else. I need to stop doing that smile.

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