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Just heard you on the show, Hilltopper smile If my H and I don't get good UA time outside of the house (yes, also not at the end of the day when we are tired!) we start to feel some tension almost immediately.

If I recall correctly, Mel and I tried to talk to your W about the importance of quality UA time and getting babysitters and she seemed like she was onboard with that idea. Now you two just need to follow through on it! smile

Well this should take a lot of pressure off both of us for now. We are both scared and walking on egg shells all day. We just spoke about finding babysitters immediately and making a list. I expressed a sense of urgency with this to my wife because we have a tendency for a day to become a week, to become a few weeks, etc. The words "This has to happen" resonates in my ears from Dr Harley. I am also going to make my efforts at doing nice things for my wife usually about doing something together. So rather than pick her some sushi up on the way home which is a nice gesture, I'd rather call a babysitter on the way home, pick up my wife and take her to sushi instead. Two for the price of one you know?

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That sounds great, Hill. The more I think about it, the more I think Dr H was dead on. My sister and her H have two little ones, ages 2 and 6, the youngest has a lot of health issues and they have been hesitant to leave her with babysitters. Their relationship has been really been deteriorating over the last two years.

At my suggestion, they looked over the website and all the principles and nothing got better until they started going out on date nights and getting that quality UA time in.

I really think this is going to help you two!

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