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Well so much fir TiVo! I mean I figured rob would win but I wanted to see it on my own! smile

GAH! ... I am SOOOO sorry! I love busted you! frown I figured everyone who watched Survivor had seen who won already, especially after 5 or 6 days after the fact.

Other than that ... hows it going?

Great! No worries on the Survivor front, my wife knew already as well. Currently my wife and I are actively working on the following:

1. Coming up with a list of approved babysitters among family and friends.
2. Coming up with a list of babysitters that we can pay to watch our children that my wife and I feel comfortable with.
3. Coming up with a dating schedule so that we get out together to do something consistently.

When we spend no time together, needs don't get met, DJ's and SD's start flying, and we ultimately fall into the cycle. Dr Harley and his W told me not to "wait" on getting this done but I'm trying to settle down as I tend to get excited when we decide on a new direction to take. I am concerned still that a day, will be come a week, which will become a month and we'll look up and see we haven't made that list above, but I'm also aware that I need to give my wife some time and space to work some of this out on her own. After all we are talking about the bond of a mother and a baby which is incredibly strong, so I'll yield to her need to be certain that she feels enthusiastic about it.

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