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There is quite literally no time aside from the end of the day.
I don't undertand what you mean here.

Are you able to get the kids asleep, all at the same time, for about two hours sometime between 7 and 11?

Isn't the baby beginning to have something resembling daytimes and nighttimes, rather than sleeping and waking as she pleases around the clock?

Sorry, I assumed you listened to what Joyce told me on the radio show, my bad. YES there is time at end of the night. Joyce felt that time at the end of the day when we are both tired and not feeling interactive was not the most valuable time we could have together. She referred to it as the "dregs" or just "scraps". We do watch tv every night after the kids go down and I think it is enjoyable if we aren't beat. Dr Harley said specifically that we needed to address our child care situation.

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