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I pretty much know what you mean, although frankly I'll pass on the acid vat. That picture just breaks the whole nice "aloof tragic hero" thing I've got going on. A tragic hero that jumps into a pool of acid no longer excites my admiration. Instead I'm yelling at him: Dude, what the heck?!?!?!! smile

Yes, well, I have given up the facade of being the tragic hero. I am now the villain in our story. Mrs. Hold has lost weight, gone back to school, gotten 2 jobs, and tried to be more pleasant more of the time. And I have turned my back on her. I behave as if I don't want her love. We all know that, deep down, I do. But at this point I am not willing to admit that. I am going to be spiteful and petty and self-destructive. Because I can do that on my own. I am not willing to open the door and allow her back in. I am too afraid. No matter how well she treats me. I still don't trust her. That is on me.

When you can see it coming, duck!