Old friends from summer camp 30 years ago contacted her over the weekend on Facebook. She kissed some of the guys back then. I told her under no circumstances was she to speak to them or meet them without me present. She said I was being silly. I told her that a camp reunion would bring back memories of a simpler time when she did not have kids college and bills and responsibilities and that it might be intoxicating to relive those memories. So I need to be there with her. She said the guys I kissed back then are married now and have kids. I said plenty of married guys with kids have affairs. I told her "I want to be clear so there is no misunderstanding. I am against you contacting anyone from camp without me present. Don't tell yourself 'he won't care if I just ____'. There is no 'just _____'. I care about everything." Must have gotten through because she hugged me. And you all know how rare hugs are in our marriage.

I am well aware that aeri is correct. Mrs. Hold might well leave me. I don't actually want her to. But I am not willing to go "all in", either. We all know I am a total wimp. I talk a big game of wanting to defend my territory. But we all know if another guy showed up and Mrs. Hold seemed interested in him, I would not fight. I would fold. Always have. Always will.

When you can see it coming, duck!