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Asked wife to hang out tonight for a romantic evening tonight after kids go down. She said she is open for a fun night. Baby is stressing her out, hope it works out, it us soooo stressful for tgrace, I hope it works out. We really need a fun night without baby being difficult, this weekend was tough.

We sat on the couch mostly in silence last night. It got easier at the end but for the most part we didn't have much to talk about. I'm deeply depressed, she knows it, and I'm not sure how to pick myself up off the ground about it. At the very end of the night she asked if I wanted a SF date tomorrow night. I said sure. I definitely get discouraged when there isn't enough SF and its been a week. Its just not up to me, I can't ask because I'm terrified to do so, and she doesn't typically offer unless she can tell i'm discouraged. I still feel like most everything isn't up to me, she's in charge.

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