My husband and I have been married for 33 years, with a daughter, 29, and a son, 27. When our son graduated from college, we were faced with a stale marriage where we didn't pay attention to each other's ENs. I love self-help books, and I ran across HNHN in a bookstore. What a revelation! I was so thrilled to read about an action plan to revive your marriage. I was discouraged by the break up of so many of my friends' marriages, and I wanted to find a way to revive the passion that we used to have. I see too many people thinking that they married the wrong person, but they just need to change their idea about how love works. We watch romantic movies and obsess on the initial feelings of falling in love, but we do not have a clue about how to keep love alive when the reality of daily problems overwhelms us.

I am a victim of negative thinking, so I was moved to comment on Holdingontoit's thread. When I finally realized that I did not have to listen to the chattering monkey in my head, life opened up for me, and I wanted to share this with others suffering from critical thoughts of themselves. When you see that there is another story to be told about the same facts, you can stop wishing that life conform to your expectations.