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kt, to this post: do you think your wife could have known you for years without knowing you had an interest in video games at all?

No. I've always owned a gaming system. I don't play very often--like I might get on there for a couple hours a month if that. But she does know I like to play video games on occassion.

Now with throwing, I had always had an interest in it but had no idea where to even start with it. So I never really said anything about it until I met (whose now my best friend and throwing coach) my buddy J. When I started, we didn't POJA it, I think I said sojmething like "Hey! I met a guy that throws in the Highland Games, I want to start practicing wtih him so I can compete." She said okay. I think she thought it was kinda weird at first.

But J's family would come out to the park with him when he threw so I kinda threw at her, "hey, bring the kids to the park when we throw, his wife and kids come." She liked this. And then she started going to the Games with me and she realized that most of the guys that throw are married andd have kids and they all travel together. So she really likes it now as it's a family environment. And a lot of the times the wives and kids will all go do somethign together while the husbands are competing.

Husband (me) 39
Wife 36
Daughter 21
Daughter 19
Son 14
Daughter 10
Son 8 (autistic)