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I advise you to not take it at night .. (especially after its effects start working) becasue it could keep you up longer than you want. Fridays is not so bad (at least for me) becasue I can sleep a bit extra on Saturday morning to spend extra time in the evening with my wife on a Friday night. (my daughter gets up with my son and makes him breakfast and they play Wii together till we get up).

Did you get capsules? or Powder? Hopefully caps .. since they remove the starch from it and leave just the maca ingredient. MY caps have 750mg in each one and I take 4 a day (2 in the morning with breakfast and 2 with lunch) as per the bottle suggests and some Fridays I will take all 4 at lunch or late afternoon.

Also ... Do you have a wind up baby swing? BOTH my children LOVED their swing! .. THey would nap in it .. and have no problems chilling in it if we had to do chores etc for a bit.

I got capsules. I feel great today actually, which is day three. Went to bed about ten, slept the entire night till 3am, stirred for an hour, then fell asleep again till 6am. Normally I'd be feeling so tired after waking up for an hour at 3am, but right now I feel pretty alert. It also says it is good for anxiety which is good, so I'm excited to see if I feel less anxious during the day and in the middle of the night.

We have a swing, exersaucer, she sits up with toys, etc. She is teething though which means she is more needy and we can't get her down in her crib yet. Our first child was the same way, would scream for 45 minutes straight until she would pass out and sleep of exhaustion. Much of this will change as baby gets older, but in the mean time it is very tough for both my wife and I.

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