So this morning was awful. Today is our anniversary. I got my present from him last week, so I wasn't expecting anything today. It was a really nice present, too. I have an uncle who is an artist, and on the promo flyer for his current show there was a painting I absolutely fell in love with, so H bought it for me. Very nice! I was not so generous with him, he did not want anything, but I got him some little things anyway, two of which were bags of his favorite candies to replenish the canisters I'd gotten him for Valentine's day for his desk. I put everything on the kitchen counter in the middle of the night with his card on top.

So, I was still in bed as he was leaving and he didn't look at me at all, just stood at the door staring at the ceiling and said, "Bye." I said, "It's our anniversary, can't I get a hug and a kiss?" Nope! He just walked out and left his untouched gifts on the counter. I jumped out of bed and grabbed the candies and ran them down to the garage, held them out and said, "I got these for you to have at work." He took them from me and threw them down on the workbench and said, "Give them to the kids. I don't want them." I burst into tears. He left.

And then...a few minutes later he was back, saying he hadn't meant it, and hugged me and kissed me, but then proceeded to chew me out for 'never doing what he wants to do.' I told him it was hard when he gets stuck on wanting to do the things he knows I don't like. I told him I could see him being upset with me about the hunting thing if it was something he did while we dated and I was fine with up until we got married and then made him quit, but he wasn't doing it at all. He retorted with, "Well, when we met I didn't know that you drank." reply? "We met at a BAR." Really? What was it that gave him the idea that I didn't drink? Was it the way I was dancing on a table with a beer in my hand? lol. That was the very first time he saw me--me and a girlfriend were up on the tables dancing. I must have been giving off a real "I don't party" vibe, eh? I saw him at the bar several times after that, but we didn't start dating until after one night when a bunch of us left the bar at closing time to hit the lake house, where we stayed up all night drinking and talking. Yeah. I can see how he missed the whole drinking thing. laugh

Anyway, it got a little better after that, so I asked him if he wanted to go grab some sushi tonight. He said he'd have to see how he feels when he gets home. I cleaned out the fridge, but am unenthusiastic about cleaning anything else. The floors are a wreck, I may do those if I can do it without hating him for it.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)