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Hill, you are not 'circumventing her relationships' to call her family or friends to ask for a favor. Do you two keep your friends entirely separate from each other?

Early in this journey I asked her good friend to "take her out on the town!" I did this without Nancy knowing and it turned out great, well not the end, but my wife had a good time with her friends. I know this was not UA time, but at the time I was just trying to do something "nice". I think I could plan this during the week once a week and she'd accept it without fail every time. There are two reason I could deduce why she would accept this plan, but be less enthusiastic about UA time together. Either she knows I can watch baby when she goes out, she is comfortable with that, so feels good, OR, she just doesn't enjoy our UA time together. I don't think it is option two, which brings us back to my wife feeling good about leaving the baby with someone other than me. If it is both A and B then I'm in a world of hurt smile.

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