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The fact that we are both depressed is worse. When we reach out to each other for help because we are drowning, the other spouse says, "yeah I'm drowning too, sorry got nothing for ya!"

That sounds like a lot of what Prisca and I went through in the last 15 months.

Specifically Dr Harley wants both of to explore anti-depressants to feel better about life in general. I'm calling my doctor today because I don't want to feel like this anymore.

This sounds like a great idea. I considered taking antidepressants last year but never pursued it. It probably would have helped keep me more rational. You can't work this program if you can't stay calm; if some medication can help you stay calm you can work this program and resolve the issues that are making you depressed.

The number one source of depression in women is their relationship with their husband or boyfriend.

The number one source of depression in men is their career. Although personally I'd say my number one source of depression was our relationship. I feel a lot better about my career when the relationship is going better. smile

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