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Thats great HIll .. that your experiencing some benefits! I knew you would. Part of it i think is becasue the food we eat doesnt supply all the proper nutrients for our endrocine system (our horomones glands) and due to stresses in life many of them get exhausted and dont replenish very well. Maca, i believe does a detox of them .. and refreshes them up back to a normal state after the 5 day period (or less depending on the person) hence the feeling of lower stress levels .. and increased energy.

How was your weekend Hill? Mine sucked! I got guilted into helping some family members with some yard work that took up almost my entire Saturday and then had to spend Sunday afternoon fixing 2 PCs for a friend (he paid me tho). My wife was not Enthusiastic about helping my family with the yard work .. and it created some tension between wife and I and the other family memebers. I was reluctant to help aswell since they never do anyhting for us .. but htought maybe if i stepped it up for them they might want to help us with our kids some more to give us time to go out, but its probably wasted effort on our part since we are having inlaw issues with them .. and both my wife and I can plainly see marrital issues between my dad and his commonlaw GF of 20 years, but they ignore our advice since they think htye are older and wiser and most likely figure that they know more than we do. We brought up the fact of "look how we used to be and look at your own relationship, dont you wana be in love" they shrugged and changed topic. Jealous maybe? Dunno .. but my side of the family has some serious issues and becasue of that .. they have been ignoring their grandkids ... and casusing in family drama similar to what my wife and I did many months back.

This past 2 weeks, UA time has been next to none. Sure can feel its effects. Wife and I POJA'd that all this week we are not going to cater to any more family so we can catch up on UA and possibly even plan a date night if we can.

Anyhow .. enough about me .. this is your thread. Hope your weekend was better than mine! Mine went way too fast.


My wife and I are different people during TRUE UA time to be honest. We are the people we both fell in love with 10 years ago. This in a nut shell explains why Dr H says that UA time is the single most important thing struggling marriage partners can focus on.

Anways, Friday was awkward, we spent some talking, but we were still "getting over" issues from earlier in the day. Saturday was spectacular, my wife was so fun to be around throughout the day and on our date. Sunday was decent, couple of rough spots, followed by a strange good/bad finish to the night which I won't get into. I have some legal issues at work with my business partner, my wife has been in constant contact with me, supporting me, and wanting to know what is going on. That feels good when she does that.

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