Proverbs 10:28
The hopes of the godly result in happiness, but the expectations of the wicked come to nothing.

God desires for our lives to be filled with happiness. There is nothing wrong with having hopes and dreams as long as they match up with God�s desire for our lives. However those who turn from God create expectations instead of hopes. The difference being an expectation has a demand with it and the want should be met as desired.

It seems like there are a lot of men in the news these days that say, �My wife was not meeting my needs which was not helpful to our marriage.� The truth is the person had an expectation and not a need. They expected to receive something that may not have even been available to them. Expectations also are not often communicated in a loving way, but instead a demand is made without love or without God�s blessing. True intimacy is being able to be open and honest with a spouse and everyone still feel safe and secure. When demands are made the security and safety vanish and usually the spouse rejects what is uncomfortable. Husbands and wives listen for a moment. Instead of making demands, instead of having expectations of your spouse learn to give to each other out of love. Learn to openly communicate and have an intimate relationship where love flourishes.