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I described it as "my mom throughout a life raft and I took it." She noticed a change in her son, she knew something was not right. The purpose of the call was my company that I own, it is becoming a legal issue with my partner so I filled my Mom in on what was happening, because is is devastating, I've been back stabbed and it hurts like heck. I was emotional, she asked how my wife and I were, and I paused for like two minutes, and she knew immediately we were not doing well either. So while I reached out to my Mom for different reasons, I still shared some things with her in a moment of weakness that my wife didn't want me to share and that was wrong. I've since apologized. I made sure and let my Mom know at the end of the conversation that what is between Grace and I is between Grace and I alone, but that I appreciated her kind words of encouragement.

How does Grace feel about the words of encouragement? I know how Prisca felt when my parents did the same thing.

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