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Question: If Grace is reluctant to spend time with your mother, what should you do?

Yep. smile

I've always been of the train of thought that people that make commitments should follow through on them. I told her that.
This is not doing nothing. In fact, this can very easily be seen as pressuring your wife to do something she doesn't want to do.

Your wife comes first. She comes before any other commitments to any other people, including family.

Taking the effort to be courteous to family and friends to the point of neglecting your spouse's feelings is a very, very easy trap to fall into. Many have done it. But it will need to stop in order to show care for your wife.

How do you stop it? POJA.

Yes we are working on that. For the most part we have both decided to postpone working on any relationships with my family until our marriage is healthy. I think it worth mentioning that I don't really bring it up, my wife reaches out to me about it and since it is a tough subject I may not be skilled enough to respond properly for the reasons I've mentioned. If she brings it up again, I'll likely politely suggest we do so in the future.

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