All I'm telling you is;

Don't ask your wife to lie.
Don't lie to or for your wife.

I'm going to suggest that you ALWAYS POJA with each other prior to making plans with friends and family. You should never have to lie to anyone, just tell them you need to check with your spouse and you'll get back with them. If either of you aren't ENTHUSIASTIC about getting together with someone then just politely pass and move on. You don't need to let them down easy or lie, you just tell them you already have plans.

If your mom, or whomever, were to press you on what your plans are,,,,, You have a date scheduled with your wife for a scrabble game and some hot sex afterwards. Sorry if thats TMI mom, but you asked... lol

Neither of you should ever agree to plans with someone until your calender of UA time is set. ONLY after UA is met do you schedule anything else. And YES, a game of scrabble is a date time with your wife. It's really no ones business what your plans are, just that you have plans, unless you want to make them blush.

Recovery began 10/07;

Meeting my wife's EN's is my "thank you" that refuses to be silenced.