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"let" you provide input and make some decisions? What do you mean by that?

I mean exactly what it says. As it stands now my wife frequently makes her mind up about something and that is all there is to it, no other perspective needed. IUD is bad and I might get cancer I think is what she said last night. Where she got that info I don't know, but having the full info hasn't influenced her decision one way or the other in the past, hopefully it will in the future.

So far as I know there are no reports that IUDs cause cancer any longer. Years ago the Dalcon Shield did, but the new ones do not. My DH and I set a OB/GYN appt to discuss BC, I wanted both of us to be truely informed and not just be going off folklore or whatever.

There are tons of BC pills, not all work the same. And there is NO increased cancer risk with the IUD. I hate it when mythinformation is spread around. What about Essure? The new tubal insertion that can be done in the doctors office with no anesthetic?

I'm a walking, talking Mirena billboard. And, we paid a pretty penny for mine!

Well I think an appt is probably in order then. Did you go over the vasectomy option with DH? What were his concerns? Its strange, I've had only two friends that have gotten vasectomies and you'd think that it was state law by my wife's insistence that I get one. I don't like surgery ok? I mean when it was my knees and ankles from playing basketball all those years that is one thing, but despite how it has been presented to me by my wife, and a couple of over guys on this forum who have gotten one, I'm still not very comfortable with the idea, it kind of freaks me out. What about the rest of the world? What have they done to avoid having another child?

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