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One option that the two of you may wish to consider is negotiating a temporary solution -- meaning, a birth control that you agree to use short term, a few months maybe. Something non-permanent, such as condoms or a mild hormonal method. Then revisit this issue again in a few months when you have more experience in negotiation.

This is a highly emotional and difficult subject for you to be negotiating when you have very little experience. It's a tough one. Markos and I did it last year, and it was HARD. If you negotiate for a short-term plan, it might take some of the pressure off and allow you to revisit the issue later, when it will be a lot easier to come up with a more permanent plan.

Consider it.

Well there are two parts to this, one is taking a bit of the pressure of me to "make it happen" and two allowing some possibility of SF happening which is very important to me. I think condoms would be the easiest quickest fix, which both of us agree are not the best but is better than nothing. I think she is open to this or at least open to it one time to try it out again. Last time she did not care for it.

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