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Well I think an appt is probably in order then. Did you go over the vasectomy option with DH? What were his concerns? Its strange, I've had only two friends that have gotten vasectomies and you'd think that it was state law by my wife's insistence that I get one. I don't like surgery ok? I mean when it was my knees and ankles from playing basketball all those years that is one thing, but despite how it has been presented to me by my wife, and a couple of over guys on this forum who have gotten one, I'm still not very comfortable with the idea, it kind of freaks me out. What about the rest of the world? What have they done to avoid having another child?

We considered the V, but DH and I both personally know a couple of people who had issues after the fact - both were older people, but it ruined their sex life. And, once it's done, it's really hard to reverse, and if you're in the 5% or so that has problems then a reversal doesn't always repair the problems. It wasn't worth the risks.

We went with the Mirena IUD, mine expires in 18 months. If I'm healthy enough we'll probably try for a baby. If not, then we'll get another Mirena. Talking to your OB/GYN, if you and your wife trust them is really the best source of good information on BC. I was on the pill for a year (two different ones).

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