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I'm a recovering slob, Hill, so this was an easy lesson for me. Though, I have to learn to relax, too. When I clean I move furniture and cushions, scrub and dust, etc. It was rare, though, that I did my part. One key is to respectfully recognize that the differences in how FWW and I clean are both OK AND productive.

I hear ya. My wife and I are very different. This biggest single difference is that I'm a minimalist and she is the opposite. We both clean the house and like it fairly tidy, but my wife can't relax until everything is put in its place, where as I can. Where we get into trouble is where I am ready to relax but she is ready to clean. As we go through this process, planning everything is gonna help much more. If I know prior to getting up Saturday morning that we'll spending an hour in the garage organizing, the more likely I am to be ready and prepared mentally to do so. We are NOT good at planning yet, but we are working on it.

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