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Ok. Back on track;

What are grace's top 3 EN's?

What are you doing to meet them?

What are you worst LB's?

What are you doing to avoid them?

How much UA time have you gotten in the past week?

What are you doing to ensure you get 20+ hours each week?

Well now that you mention it.....

Yesterday afternoon while she was showering, I grabbed the workbook and scanned through it to make sure I was on track. I focused on Top 2 ENs which are Financial Support and Admiration. I wrote her a check for weekly groceries and spending and wrote another check for the cleaner that is coming next week. I pointed out how proud I was of her for being a good Mom and how attractive I thought she was at the party we had to attend. We had wonderful night. It ended well if you know what I mean after we held hands and played footsies all night.

My worst LB is dishonesty. My dishonest involves holding in my feelings. I try not to do that. Instead I put a note in my iphone to be shared later. We did 16.5 hours last week, and last night was a good 3 including a good 20 minutes of making wontons together for the party. I'm not sure what schedule we are for tracking, but I'm gonna ask my wife this morning.

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